Our BoBoats are beautiful!
true floating works of art,

The BoBoats are visual artistic creations

By partnering artists from Reims! You will be able to sail on the BoBoat Iemza or Wone, or even Elbi x Christine Sejean! Beautiful snapshots to enhance your Instagram feed! 🙂

The primary intention is to showcase local artists to the people of Reims and tourists, presenting these incredibly original artworks. However, these paintings will also resonate with the journey itself, as many bridges that span the canal are home to street art pieces.

Boboats offers an alternative experience where the (re)discovery of a waterway, its wildlife, and flora, cultural and artistic experiences, and the highlighting of a lesser-known Reims come together. This lesser-known aspect of Reims, along the canal banks, will be narrated through the provided audio guide during the visit.


One could foolishly label him as a street artist, but that would risk overlooking the depth of his work, which draws more from pop culture references than graffiti. The observation is clear: his work defies classification.


Wone initially found inspiration in the aspectual frescoes of ancient Egypt, where perspective is entirely absent. Between flat design and neo-cubism, the emphasis lies in line work, solid colors, and the balance of forms, which are at the core of the creative process.


Navigating between pop surrealism, street art, Flemish painting, rock & folk music, and everyday stories, Elbi’s work resonates with numerous contrasting themes of innocence, mystery, and sometimes provocation.

Christine Sejean

By mixing her communication mediums, Christine creates a creative universe where one can find posters, cards, and other typographic screen prints. Christine loves putting across a messages, and she conveys this through her creations.